Monday, March 21, 2011

Kaffir Kanuck Bids Farewell to the Poo Pond

"It has come to epitomize KAF. The smell of the Poo Pond, ringed by bio-hazard warning, inevitably wafts through every part of the camp. In a way, it has come to represent the view of many infidels who come to Afghanistan to ply their military trade to aid a people who care not either way.

Most Afghans don’t know why we’re here nor would they believe the better future the international community wishes to bring to Morhdorh incarnate, conditioned to believe their Imam’s messages about the Crusader occupier.

As the recent rains have ceased and the sand storms have yet to appear, the mountain ranges flanking KAF bring the Tolkien reference alive. But for the Afghans, there is no ring to rule them all, only Islam, and peculiar cultural habits which exploit children sexually, allow rampant homosexuality and pedophilia, and keep their women uneducated and in perpetual bondage. And of course, there is freedom of religion, but only if you follow Islam. ...

And in spite of the wasted efforts of the international community within this wretched land, one only has to spend a few minutes watching the documentary 102 Minutes That Changed America to remind oneself of why we ended up here, and how far we’ve strayed from the response which is still necessary against the true believers of Islam who will stop at nothing to engulf the planet with their ideology. ..."

You should read it all at Moose and Squirrel.

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