Thursday, March 24, 2011

Physician, Swiveth Thyself

Ian Gillespie and his BCMA pals want you to bend over
and give some more.

It seems the BC Medical Association aren’t content just to get rich off a racket that has perfectly qualified doctors from other countries driving cab while people die in hospital corridors for lack of doctors. Well, and loading up on goodies from Big Pharma reps.

Now they figure to get in on the fun/ power trip of social engineering and taxing us all into penury, for our own good of course.

Though, inexplicably it would seem, life expectancies continue to rise, we’re nonetheless deluged with messages that we’re killing ourselves in any number of ways with our terrible habits.

Now the “good doctors” *snort* (let’s lose that cliché once and for all, shall we?) “are calling on government to place a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages.”

I know, how about we, the over-taxed, over-regulated and getting fed up with it call on government, i.e. Ms Family First to tell the BCMA to go brew their potions and give it a rest already?

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