Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Of Course, Not All Whoopi Goldbergs Are Idiots

There must be more than just the one, right?
Think I'll check the phone book ...

Kathy Shaidle and Mark Steyn take a stick to the "Not all XYZs!!!" formulation -THAT JUST WON'T DIE!! (aaaaaarrrrrggggg !!!!!):

"This Appeared in an Actual Newspaper: December 7 'was the day the Japanese government bombed Pearl Harbor'

As we’ve seen via the likes of Whoopi Goldberg (who is, your tsking aside, watched daily by millions of women, so yes: on some level, she “matters”) and now, a semi-major U.S. newspaper, the “not all XYZs!!!” formulation is actually gaining traction, rather than being mocked into obscurity, like it should have been when it started almost ten years ago. ...

Now: you already know how I feel about “not all XYZs!!!”

So let’s turn it over to Mark Steyn:

The Journal’s formulation embodies one of the great delusions of our age — that there are bad governments but no bad peoples. “Not all Germans were Nazis” — but enough were and enough of the rest strung along that the qualification is irrelevant. Not all Afghans are Taliban — but the real problem in that wretched land is not “the Afghan government” but the Afghan people. A dozen pages of a Flashman yarn has a sounder grasp of the Afghan psyche than nine years of multilateral “nation-building.” Which is why we’re going round and round in circles in an almighty Groundhogistan where a man gets sentenced to death for converting to Christianity under a court system created, funded, and protected by us. ..."

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