Friday, October 17, 2008


If you're one of those who've been plagued lately by calls from 1-800-835-8412 you're not alone. There's even a forum devoted to this pesty automated caller boiler room outfit.
Your correspondent has done the digging and here's your tormentor:

Xentel call themselves "North America's leader in profile enhancement for community-based organizations." That's as may be, but they sure didn't enhance their profile or that of anyone they might represent to me, and I can tell you they didn't seem too thrilled about hearing from your corrrespondent.
I managed (eventually) to get through to Xentel's HQ in Calgary. You can get through to them too at:

And their website is here:

You're welcome. All part of the service.


Laila Yuile said...

For obvious reasons, I've mainatained an unlisted number for years, and avoided the plague of telemarketers with fantastic success - until an American company started calling with automated vactiaon "wins". Tracked down the source to a credit card company that sold the client list.

After the birth of my last baby,I started getting calls from independant RESP agents,Thyme maternity, etc... turns out the hospital maternity ward in Surrey Memorial gives out the numbers of women who have recently given birth to Welcome wagon, who gives it out the the businesses in their welcome baby packages.

People should also know that the most common way to geton telemarketers lists are through any kind of subscription, doctors offices,and of course, contest entries.

How did I get rid of them all? I called the credit card company and told them I would cancel their card if they didnt handle it immediately, and I would write about it on my site.
They complied- no more calls.

As for all the baby businesses? After trying to get my name off this list to no avail and with innumerable failed calls,( and may a higher power strike me down for doing this) I finally blurted out in frustration on the phone one day that my baby had passed away.

I was so embaressed after I said it, but you know what?

All the calls stopped....

Good grief.

Anonymous said...

I called 800-895-1309. a very rude older lady answered and demanded i give her personal information to bremoved.

thanks for the research indicating that the telemarketer is a canadian company!!! i'll be filing a complaint about the telemarketer.