Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Religion of Peace - Liverpool Division

You who believe, intoxicants and gambling, idolatrous practices, and divining arrows are repugnant acts—Satan’s doing: shun them so that you may prosper. Q5:90

Some misguided sorts are allegedly not content to simply "shun" "intoxicants" (in this case: hooch) themselves but take things to the point of murder when others don't.
If only they would follow the example of prophet Mo, who as we all know was gentle and peace-loving to a fault (I suspect he was a huge influence on Gandhi) and never ever would use violence to spread his beliefs.

"Somali youth was killed 'in row over alcohol and Islam'

Angela Balakrishnan and agencies
Tuesday October 28 2008 16.31 GMT

A gang of five men beat a Somali teenager to death because of a row over Muslims drinking alcohol, a court heard today.

Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim, 17, was repeatedly hit across the head with a samurai sword, baseball bat, machete and metal pole after being chased in Sefton Park, Liverpool, in March this year.

The teenager became embroiled in the fight after accompanying his cousin, Ahmed Mahamoud Ahmed, 16, to a "straightener" – a one-on-one fight – with the alleged killer Ali Mohammed, 19.

Liverpool crown court heard how Mohammed is believed to have accused Ahmed of breaking Muslim rules by drinking alcohol and held him down while a friend hit his head with a bat. ..."

This does of course, raise the question of why didn't they just haul the late Ahmed to one of the UK's shiny new Sharia courts and have him stoned to death or whatever?
Maybe they don't pay attention to current events, what with trying to live in the 7th century and all ... that would be ironic, no?

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Laila said...

How sad, how archaic. The news has been full of similar incidents this week : the stoning death of a woman believed to have committed adultery in Somalia,and the horrific mauling and subsequent shooting of a pregnant teenager in Pakistan - an honour killing.

While we ohh and ahh,and cluck our tongues in momentary disgust, it continues daily all over the world.

Such horrors committed in the name of religios honour and righteousness. I will never understand such zealots.