Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain's Last Stand

As Mr Fries noted in tonight's debate, a long line of McCains have served the US in war and peace. However if they're going to get a President in there amongst the family portraits the deed will be done by a future generation.
If anyone wondered if JM could have done any worse than he did in the previous bouts, the question was answered tonight: Yes he could.
In hockey terms the guy was squeezing his stick so hard sawdust was blowing out the end.
It got to the point were he was misspeaking so badly with it, he was blurting out all sorts of interesting malapropisms like his vow to make "health care avoidable, er affordable" ... Too late big guy, they heard the first version.
I had expected Barry O to rope a dope a lot more than he did. He actually took it to McCain though, something I got the feeling wasn't particularly anticipated in the Repugnican corner either.
Barry O landslide on the way.

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