Monday, October 6, 2008

Tories Brace for Fearmongering

No truth to rumours this image to figure large in Liberal ads

The Harpo Tories are emailing their members (and those they think are members ;D ) drumming up cash to counter the predictable torrent of attack ads being unleashed on the consciousness of voters.

"Dear Mr. In North Burnaby

As more and more Canadians abandon the Liberals, the Liberal attack machine is revving up. They will spend the final two weeks of this election campaign trying to scare Canadians just like they've done before. As their campaign unravels, their attacks are becoming more and more absurd. We must take advantage of these opportunities as they present themselves. I'm emailing you today with an urgent request for you to make a contribution of $200 or $100 on-line right now, by following this link.

We need your support because we have an opportunity right now to counter the Liberal attack machine as it begins to over-reach and make more and more preposterous claims about the Conservative election campaign.

Just this weekend, Yasmin Ratansi's absurd statements that Stephen Harper ‘doesn't really like women', underscore the Liberals' increasingly desperate attempts to gain traction with the electorate. Why are they so desperate? With a $12 billion hole in their campaign platform, support among Canadians shrinking and at least 30 members of their caucus and candidates questioning the wisdom of the so-called Green Shift, it's not surprising at all.

Right now, we have an opportunity to show the Liberal campaign strategy for what it is: the real politics of division in this election. We need your help to do it, so please, follow this link right now and make an –on-line contribution of $200 or $100. Your contribution will help your Conservative Campaign team buy print, radio and television air time and expose the Liberal increasing desperation to Canadians.

Now is the time we need your support the most, I hope you will answer the call.
Irving R. Gerstein, C. M., O.Ont
Chair, Conservative Fund Canada

P.S. - With election day a short 13 days away, your support is most urgent. Please send the most generous contribution you can today by following this link to our secure on-line donations page."

Personally, I've developed a little gluttony game I quite enjoy to go with all this. Every time I hear some manure chute like Ujjal Dosanjh link Harpo and the evil wicked nasty tool of the devil Bush (:rolleyes:) I have a cookie.

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