Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Zoom Zoom Indeed

Every year, more than three hundred British Columbians lose their lives in motor vehicles.

If that sort of death toll were due to a war, you know there would be daily demonstrations (at least) in the streets. There would be outrage, an outcry, politicians burned in effigy, all of it.
When it comes to our "love affair with the car" however, well, everyone had something else to do, couldn't make it to that demo, call me for the next time. Its just something that's accepted.

I recall some years back now helping one of my grandkids with her history homework, when she remarked on how 'dumb, cruel and barbaric' people were in the past to practice human sacrifice. While not disagreeing, I pointed out the yearly horrific sacrifices offered up to the "Cult of the Car" and wondered if she figured we'd come all that far.
I'm still waiting for an answer.

Meanwhile, robots scurry around on Mars but manufacturers apparently can't come up with technology that'll keep people from crashing cars. They can make 'em go faster, but not hitting stuff? No.
Perhaps the key, as it is so often, is to put in the effort.
Instead, its all about ZOOM ZOOM.
And look where that gets you.

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